Van Kit 5


Tradesmans Van Storage System


Features Include:

  • Ability to be mounted in opening doors to allow easy access in double door vans.
  • Fully adjustable frame enables user to adjust trays to a preferred height.
  • Brackets can be simply reversed to opposite side of frame when installed in opening doorway.
  • Bins clip over the back of all trays to ensure tight fit stopping movement on uneven terrain.
  • Easy to install with tech screws and brackets mount direct to side wall of vehicle.

Contents Included:

  • 1 x VF1500 Frame
  • 2 x Van Tray 201
  • 2 x Van Tray 202
  • 2 x Van Tray 203/204
  • 18 x B201 Bins
  • 12 x B202 Bins
  • 8 x B203 Bins OR 4 x B204 Bins (if no specific requirement stated, default will be 4x B203 & 2x B204 bins).

note: These are stock kits, any other options are available, including adding a mix of bin sizes or different bin colors.